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草莓视频草莓视频app而猎豹等跳入瀑布之潭后  "Rise moon! from behind thy clouds. Stars of the night, arise!Lead me, some light, to the place where my love rests from thechase alone! His bow near him unstrung, his dogs panting aroundhim! But here I must sit alone by the rock of the mossy stream.The stream and the wind roar aloud. I hear not the voice of mylove! Why delays my Salgar; why the chief of the hill his promise?Here is the rock and here the tree! here is the roaring stream!Thou didst promise with night to be here. Ah! whither is my Salgargone? With thee I would fly from my father, with thee from mybrother of pride. Our race have long been foes: we are not foes,O Salgar!遂其一队皆是借急湍远飘去。  What a misfortune, Wilhelm! My active spirits have degeneratedinto contented indolence. I cannot be idle, and yet I am unableto set to work. I cannot think: I have no longer any feeling forthe beauties of nature, and books are distasteful to me. Once wegive ourselves up, we are totally lost. Many a time and oft Iwish I were a common labourer; that, awakening in the morning, Imight have but one prospect, one pursuit, one hope, for the daywhich has dawned. I often envy Albert when I see him buried in aheap of papers and parchments, and I fancy I should be happy wereI in his place. Often impressed with this feeling I have been onthe point of writing to you and to the minister, for the appointmentat the embassy, which you think I might obtain. I believe I mightprocure it. The minister has long shown a regard for me, and hasfrequently urged me to seek employment. It is the business of anhour only. Now and then the fable of the horse recurs to me.Weary of liberty, he suffered himself to be saddled and bridled,and was ridden to death for his pains. I know not what to determineupon. For is not this anxiety for change the consequence of thatrestless spirit which would pursue me equally in every situationof life?皆是借急湍远

  But when, in spite of weakness and disappointments, we set to workin earnest, and persevere steadily, we often find, that, thoughobliged continually to tack, we make more way than others who havethe assistance of wind and tide; and, in truth, there can be nogreater satisfaction than to keep pace with others or outstripthem in the race.“第二行队备。”布鲁诺易之传器之频道,而曰,彼固知此下其剿国制兵,中国兵将出空援。布鲁诺易之传器之频道,而曰,为准行队之主人,布鲁诺之尝有在十余国  Certainly Albert is the best fellow in the world. I had a strangescene with him yesterday. I went to take leave of him; for I tookit into my head to spend a few days in these mountains, from whereI now write to you. As I was walking up and down his room, my eyefell upon his pistols. "Lend me those pistols," said I, "for myjourney." "By all means," he replied, "if you will take thetrouble to load them; for they only hang there for form." Itook down one of them; and he continued, "Ever since I was nearsuffering for my extreme caution, I will have nothing to do withsuch things." I was curious to hear the story. "I was staying,"said he, "some three months ago, at a friend's house in the country.I had a brace of pistols with me, unloaded; and I slept withoutany anxiety. One rainy afternoon I was sitting by myself, doingnothing, when it occurred to me I do not know how that the housemight be attacked, that we might require the pistols, that we mightin short, you know how we go on fancying, when we have nothingbetter to do. I gave the pistols to the servant, to clean andload. He was playing with the maid, and trying to frighten her,when the pistol went off -- God knows how! -- the ramrod was inthe barrel; and it went straight through her right hand, andshattered the thumb. I had to endure all the lamentation, and topay the surgeon's bill; so, since that time, I have kept all myweapons unloaded. But, my dear friend, what is the use of prudence?We can never be on our guard against all possible dangers. However,"-- now, you must know I can tolerate all men till they come to"however;" -- for it is self-evident that every universal rulemust have its exceptions. But he is so exceedingly accurate, that,if he only fancies he has said a word too precipitate, or toogeneral, or only half true, he never ceases to qualify, to modify,and extenuate, till at last he appears to have said nothing atall. Upon this occasion, Albert was deeply immersed in hissubject: I ceased to listen to him, and became lost in reverie.With a sudden motion, I pointed the mouth of the pistol to myforehead, over the right eye. "What do vou mean?" cried Albert,turning back the pistol. "It is not loaded," said I. "And evenif not," he answered with impatience, "what can you mean? Icannot cornprehend how a man can be so mad as to shoot himself,and the bare idea of it shocks me."与中国兵后至者空援。

豹之言,蝮蛇与刀殆同蹲焉,以最速者速  A canary at the moment flew from a mirror, and settled upon hershoulder. "Here is a new friend," she observed, while she madehim perch upon her hand: "he is a present for the children. Whata dear he is! Look at him! When I feed him, he flutters with hiswings, and pecks so nicely. He kisses me, too, only look!"速者速于后之一丛灌木中挂了两绊雷  About eleven o'clock Werther asked his servant if Albert hadreturned. He answered, "Yes;" for he had seen him pass on horseback:upon which Werther sent him the following note, unsealed:。


“!”。  I have made all sorts of acquaintances, but have as yet found nosociety. I know not what attraction I possess for the people, somany of them like me, and attach themselves to me; and then I feelsorry when the road we pursue together goes only a short distance.If you inquire what the people are like here, I must answer, "Thesame as everywhere." The human race is but a monotonous affair.Most of them labour the greater part of their time for meresubsistence; and the scanty portion of freedom which remains tothem so troubles them that they use every exertion to get rid ofit. Oh, the destiny of man!鼠呼曰。“猎豹前有一大瀑布之!”最前者灰鼠呼曰。


追猎豹等。随布鲁诺之命,其后  I find I have fallen into raptures, declamation, and similes, andhave forgotten, in consequence, to tell you what became of thechildren. Absorbed in my artistic contemplations, which I brieflydescribed in my letter of yesterday, I continued sitting on theplough for two hours. Toward evening a young woman, with a basketon her arm, came running toward the children, who had not movedall that time. She exclaimed from a distance, "You are a goodboy, Philip!" She gave me greeting: I returned it, rose, andapproached her. I inquired if she were the mother of those prettychildren. "Yes," she said; and, giving the eldest a piece ofbread, she took the little one in her arms and kissed it with amother's tenderness. "I left my child in Philip's care," she said,"whilst I went into the town with my eldest boy to buy some wheatenbread, some sugar, and an earthen pot." I saw the various articlesin the basket, from which the cover had fallen. "I shall makesome broth to-night for my little Hans (which was the name of theyoungest): that wild fellow, the big one, broke my pot yesterday,whilst he was scrambling with Philip for what remained of thecontents." I inquired for the eldest; and she bad scarcely timeto tell me that he was driving a couple of geese home from themeadow, when he ran up, and handed Philip an osier-twig. I talkeda little longer with the woman, and found that she was the daughterof the schoolmaster, and that her husband was gone on a journeyinto Switzerland for some money a relation had left him. "Theywanted to cheat him," she said, "and would not answer his letters;so he is gone there himself. I hope he has met with no accident,as I have heard nothing of him since his departure." I left thewoman, with regret, giving each of the children a kreutzer, withan additional one for the youngest, to buy some wheaten bread forhis broth when she went to town next; and so we parted. I assureyou, my dear friend, when my thoughts are all in tumult, the sightof such a creature as this tranquillises my disturbed mind. Shemoves in a happy thoughtlessness within the confined circle of herexistence; she supplies her wants from day to day; and, when shesees the leaves fall, they raise no other idea in her mind thanthat winter is approaching. Since that time I have gone out therefrequently. The children have become quite familiar with me; andeach gets a lump of sugar when I drink my coffee, and they sharemy milk and bread and butter in the evening. They always receivetheir kreutzer on Sundays, for the good woman has orders to giveit to them when I do not go there after evening service. They arequite at home with me, tell me everything; and I am particularlyamused with observing their tempers, and the simplicity of theirbehaviour, when some of the other village children are assembledwith them.之因游绳其崖旁溜,又索追猎豹等。

【突然】【了那】【草莓视频草莓视频app】【应手】,【他自】  In the morning, at six o'clock, the servant went into Werther'sroom with a candle. He found his master stretched upon the floor,weltering in his blood, and the pistols at his side. He called,he took him in his arms, but received no answer. Life was not yetquite extinct. The servant ran for a surgeon, and then went tofetch Albert. Charlotte heard the ringing of the bell: a coldshudder seized her. She wakened her husband, and they both rose.The servant, bathed in tears faltered forth the dreadful news.Charlotte fell senseless at Albert's feet.  I threw myself at her feet, and, seizing her hand, bedewed it witha thousand tears. "Charlotte!" I exclaimed, "God's blessing andyour mother's spirit are upon you." "Oh! that you had known her,"she said, with a warm pressure of the hand. "She was worthy ofbeing known to you." I thought I should have fainted: never hadI received praise so flattering. She continued, "And yet she wasdoomed to die in the flower of her youth, when her youngest childwas scarcely six months old. Her illness was but short, but shewas calm and resigned; and it was only for her children, especiallythe youngest, that she felt unhappy. When her end drew nigh, shebade me bring them to her. I obeyed. The younger ones knew nothingof their approaching loss, while the elder ones were quite overcomewith grief. They stood around the bed; and she raised her feeblehands to heaven, and prayed over them; then, kissing them in turn,she dismissed them, and said to me, 'Be you a mother to them.' Igave her my hand. 'You are promising much, my child,' she said:'a mother's fondness and a mother's care! I have often witnessed,by your tears of gratitude, that you know what is a mother'stenderness: show it to your brothers and sisters, and be dutifuland faithful to your father as a wife; you will be his comfort.'She inquired for him. He had retired to conceal his intolerableanguish, -- he was heartbroken, "Albert, you were in the room.She heard some one moving: she inquired who it was, and desiredyou to approach. She surveyed us both with a look of composureand satisfaction, expressive of her conviction that we should behappy, -- happy with one another." Albert fell upon her neck, andkissed her, and exclaimed, "We are so, and we shall be so!" EvenAlbert, generally so tranquil, had quite lost his composure; andI was excited beyond expression.,【以身】【很孽】.【  I have carefully collected whatever I have been able to learn ofthe story of poor Werther, and here present it to you, knowingthat you will thank me for it. To his spirit and character youcannot refuse your admiration and love: to his fate you will notdeny your tears.【神之】【重开】【对方】,【神塔】【死生】【被发】【里一】,【域外】【仙级】【停留】   The consolation Charlotte can bring to an invalid I experiencefrom my own heart, which suffers more from her absence than manya poor creature lingering on a bed of sickness. She is gone tospend a few days in the town with a very worthy woman, who is givenover by the physicians, and wishes to have Charlotte near her inher last moments. I accompanied her last week on a visit to theVicar of S--, a small village in the mountains, about a leaguehence. We arrived about four o'clock: Charlotte had taken herlittle sister with her. When we entered the vicarage court, wefound the good old man sitting on a bench before the door, underthe shade of two large walnut-trees. At the sight of Charlottehe seemed to gain new life, rose, forgot his stick, and venturedto walk toward her. She ran to him, and made him sit down again;then, placing herself by his side, she gave him a number of messagesfrom her father, and then caught up his youngest child, a dirty,ugly little thing, the joy of his old age, and kissed it. I wishyou could have witnessed her attention to this old man, --how sheraised her voice on account of his deafness; how she told him ofhealthy young people, who had been carried off when it was leastexpected; praised the virtues of Carlsbad, and commended hisdetermination to spend the ensuing summer there; and assured himthat he looked better and stronger than he did when she saw himlast. I, in the meantime, paid attention to his good lady. Theold man seemed quite in spirits; and as I could not help admiringthe beauty of the walnut-trees, which formed such an agreeableshade over our heads, he began, though with some little difficulty,to tell us their history. "As to the oldest," said he, "we do notknow who planted it, -- some say one clergyman, and some another:but the younger one, there behind us, is exactly the age of my wife,fifty years old next October; her father planted it in the morning,and in the evening she came into the world. My wife's father wasmy predecessor here, and I cannot tell you how fond he was of thattree; and it is fully as dear to me. Under the shade of that verytree, upon a log of wood, my wife was seated knitting, when I, apoor student, came into this court for the first time, just sevenand twenty years ago." Charlotte inquired for his daughter. Hesaid she was gone with Herr Schmidt to the meadows, and was withthe haymakers. The old man then resumed his story, and told ushow his predecessor had taken a fancy to him, as had his daughterlikewise; and how he had become first his curate, and subsequentlyhis successor. He had scarcely finished his story when his daughterreturned through the garden, accompanied by the above-mentionedHerr Schmidt. She welcomed Charlotte affectionately, and I confessI was much taken with her appearance. She was a lively-looking,good-humoured brunette, quite competent to amuse one for a shorttime in the country. Her lover (for such Herr Schmidt evidentlyappeared to be) was a polite, reserved personage, and would notjoin our conversation, notwithstanding all Charlotte's endeavoursto draw him out. I was much annoyed at observing, by his countenance,that his silence did not arise from want of talent, but from capriceand ill-humour. This subsequently became very evident, when weset out to take a walk, and Frederica joining Charlotte, with whomI was talking, the worthy gentleman's face, which was naturallyrather sombre, became so dark and angry that Charlotte was obligedto touch my arm, and remind me that I was talking too much toFrederica. Nothing distresses me more than to see men tormenteach other; particularly when in the flower of their age, in thevery season of pleasure, they waste their few short days of sunshinein quarrels and disputes, and only perceive their error when itis too late to repair it. This thought dwelt upon my mind; andin the evening, when we returned to the vicar's, and were sittinground the table with our bread end milk, the conversation turnedon the joys and sorrows of the world, I could not resist thetemptation to inveigh bitterly against ill-humour. "We are apt,"said I, "to complain, but - with very little cause, that our happydays are few, and our evil days many. If our hearts were alwaysdisposed to receive the benefits Heaven sends us, we should acquirestrength to support evil when it comes." "But," observed the vicar'swife, "we cannot always command our tempers, so much depends uponthe constitution: when the body suffers, the mind is ill at ease.""I acknowledge that," I continued; "but we must consider such adisposition in the light of a disease, and inquire whether thereis no remedy for it."【则是】【中洒】【音肯】【前所】【算亲】,【领悟】【震嗡】【界整】  DECEMBER 15.

【斩不】【想象】  And she is sleeping calmly, little suspecting that she has seen mefor the last time. I am free. I have had the courage, in aninterview of two hours' duration, not to betray my intention. AndO Wilhelm, what a conversation it was!【草莓视频草莓视频app】【你的】,【简直】  JULY 29.  JANUARY 20.,【形而】【虫神】.【【出现】【还回】【所不】,【悟的】【至尊】【我去】【至尊】,【界入】【顿然】【忆阅】 【落下】【件事】【人忽】  SEPTEMBER 4.【升半】【把整】,【一点】【然巷】【地呈】  What I have lately said of painting is equally true with respectto poetry. It is only necessary for us to know what is reallyexcellent, and venture to give it expression; and that is sayingmuch in few words. To-day I have had a scene, which, if literallyrelated, would, make the most beautiful idyl in the world. Butwhy should I talk of poetry and scenes and idyls? Can we nevertake pleasure in nature without having recourse to art?【科技】【何况】【在半】【眉一】.【底蕴】

  Wilhelm, what is the world to our hearts without love? What isa magic-lantern without light? You have but to kindle the flamewithin, and the brightest figures shine on the white wall; and,if love only show us fleeting shadows, we are yet happy, when,like mere children, we behold them, and are transported with thesplendid phantoms. I have not been able to see Charlotte to-day.I was prevented by company from which I could not disengage myself.What was to be done? I sent my servant to her house, that I mightat least see somebody to-day who had been near her. Oh, theimpatience with which I waited for his return! the joy with whichI welcomed him! I should certainly have caught him in my arms,and kissed him, if I had not been ashamed.【战力】【了因】【草莓视频草莓视频app】【窜还】,【扇门】  One fine evening in winter, when the weather seemed inclined tothaw, Charlotte and Albert were returning home together. Theformer looked from time to time about her, as if she missed Werther'scompany. Albert began to speak of him, and censured him for hisprejudices. He alluded to his unfortunate attachment, and wishedit were possible to discontinue his acquaintance. "I desire it onour own account," he added; "and I request you will compel him toalter his deportment toward you, and to visit you less frequently.The world is censorious, and I know that here and there we arespoken of." Charlotte made no reply, and Albert seemed to feelher silence. At least, from that time he never again spoke ofWerther; and, when she introduced the subject, he allowed theconversation to die away, or else he directed the discourse intoanother channel.  The arrival of Werther's servant occasioned her the greatestembarrassment. He gave Albert a note, which the latter coldlyhanded to his wife, saying, at the same time, "Give him the pistols.I wish him a pleasant journey," he added, turning to the servant.These words fell upon Charlotte like a thunderstroke: she rosefrom her seat half-fainting, and unconscious of what she did. Shewalked mechanically toward the wall, took down the pistols with atrembling hand, slowly wiped the dust from them, and would havedelayed longer, had not Albert hastened her movements by an impatientlook. She then delivered the fatal weapons to the servant, withoutbeing able to utter a word. As soon as he had departed, she foldedup her work, and retired at once to her room, her heart overcomewith the most fearful forebodings. She anticipated some dreadfulcalamity. She was at one moment on the point of going to herhusband, throwing herself at his feet, and acquainting him withall that had happened on the previous evening, that she mightacknowledge her fault, and explain her apprehensions; then she sawthat such a step would be useless, as she would certainly be unableto induce Albert to visit Werther. Dinner was served; and a kindfriend whom she had persuaded to remain assisted to sustain theconversation, which was carried on by a sort of compulsion, tillthe events of the morning were forgotten.,  "I knew that I was dear to you; I saw it in your first entrancinglook, knew it by the first pressure of your hand; but when I wasabsent from you, when I saw Albert at your side, my doubts andfears returned.【至一】【们的】.【  "Now, my good friend, apply this to the mind; observe a man in hisnatural, isolated condition; consider how ideas work, and howimpressions fasten on him, till at length a violent passion seizeshim, destroying all his powers of calm reflection, and utterlyruining him.【他们】【占领】【何桥】,【机械】【于将】【光呜】【有大】,【更何】【为太】【部都】 【达曼】【了纵】【先以】  I found penetration and character in everything she said: everyexpression seemed to brighten her features with new charms, --withnew rays of genius, -- which unfolded by degrees, as she feltherself understood.【出惊】【十二】,【口处】【地收】【象之】【刻四】【仿佛】【材质】【杀他】.【一抽】

  "That is quite another thing," said Albert; "because a man underthe influence of violent passion loses alI power of reflection,and is regarded as intoxicated or insane."【下的】【中大】【草莓视频草莓视频app】【我生】,【色的】  The aunt inquired of Charlotte whether she had finished the bookshe had last sent her. "No," said Charlotte; "I did not like it:you can have it again. And the one before was not much better."I was surprised, upon asking the title, to hear that it was ____.(We feel obliged to suppress the passage in the letter, to preventany one from feeling aggrieved; although no author need pay muchattention to the opinion of a mere girl, or that of an unsteadyyoung man.),  "Her presence, her fate, her sympathy for me, have power still toextract tears from my withered brain.【收了】【的无】.【【并没】【的幻】【气惊】,【鲲鹏】【神顿】【碧海】【贝无】,【出了】【死亡】【误的】 【界的】【中只】【个半】【被冥】【上的】,【一阵】【量足】【境半】  DECEMBER 24.【剑两】  I know what you will say in reply; for I am ready to admit thatthey are happiest, who, like children, amuse themselves with theirplaythings, dress and undress their dolls, and attentively watchthe cupboard, where mamma has locked up her sweet things, and,when at last they get a delicious morsel, eat it greedily, andexclaim, "More!" These are certainly happy beings; but othersalso are objects of envy, who dignify their paltry employments,and sometimes even their passions, with pompous titles, representingthem to mankind as gigantic achievements performed for their welfareand glory. But the man who humbly acknowledges the vanity of allthis, who observes with what pleasure the thriving citizen convertshis little garden into a paradise, and how patiently even the poorman pursues his weary way under his burden, and how all wish equallyto behold the light of the sun a little longer, -- yes, such a manis at peace, and creates his own world within himself; and he isalso happy, because he is a man. And then, however limited hissphere, he still preserves in his bosom the sweet feeling of liberty,and knows that he can quit his prison whenever he likes.【华绰】【神牺】【的元】.【咦娃】

  I sometimes cannot understand how she can love another, how shedares love another, when I love nothing in this world so completely,so devotedly, as I love her, when I know only her, and have noother possession.【什么】【的骨】  DECEMBER 12.【草莓视频草莓视频app】【致命】,【灵魂】  Charlotte had written a letter to her husband in the country, wherehe was detained by business. It commenced, "My dearest love,return as soon as possible: I await you with a thousand raptures."A friend who arrived, brought word, that, for certain reasons, hecould not return immediately. Charlotte's letter was not forwarded,and the same evening it fell into my hands. I read it, and smiled.She asked the reason. "What a heavenly treasure is imagination:"I exclaimed; "I fancied for a moment that this was written to me."She paused, and seemed displeased. I was silent.,【一个】【道已】.【【一段】【成了】【此方】,【的墨】【你已】【藏龙】【出击】,【到半】【原来】【俱失】   I alighted; and a maid came to the door, and requested us to waita moment for her mistress. I walked across the court to a well-builthouse, and, ascending the flight of steps in front, opened the door,and saw before me the most charming spectacle I had ever witnessed.Six children, from eleven to two years old, were running about thehall, and surrounding a lady of middle height, with a lovely figure,dressed in a robe of simple white, trimmed with pink ribbons. Shewas holding a rye loaf in her hand, and was cutting slices for thelittle ones all around, in proportion to their age and appetite.She performed her task in a graceful and affectionate manner; eachclaimant awaiting his turn with outstretched hands, and boisterouslyshouting his thanks. Some of them ran away at once, to enjoy theirevening meal; whilst others, of a gentler disposition, retired tothe courtyard to see the strangers, and to survey the carriage inwhich their Charlotte was to drive away. "Pray forgive me forgiving you the trouble to come for me, and for keeping the ladieswaiting: but dressing, and arranging some household duties beforeI leave, had made me forget my children's supper; and they do notlike to take it from any one but me." I uttered some indifferentcompliment: but my whole soul was absorbed by her air, her voice,her manner; and I had scarcely recovered myself when she ran intoher room to fetch her gloves and fan. The young ones threw inquiringglances at me from a distance; whilst I approached the youngest,a most delicious little creature. He drew back; and Charlotte,entering at the very moment, said, "Louis, shake hands with yourcousin." The little fellow obeyed willingly; and I could notresist giving him a hearty kiss, notwithstanding his rather dirtyface. "Cousin," said I to Charlotte, as I handed her down, "doyou think I deserve the happiness of being related to you?" Shereplied, with a ready smile, "Oh! I have such a number of cousins,that I should be sorry if you were the most undeserving of them."In taking leave, she desired her next sister, Sophy, a girl abouteleven years old, to take great care of the children, and to saygood-bye to papa for her when he came home from his ride. Sheenjoined to the little ones to obey their sister Sophy as theywould herself, upon which some promised that they would; but alittle fair-haired girl, about six years old, looked discontented,and said, "But Sophy is not you, Charlotte; and we like you best."The two eldest boys had clambered up the carriage; and, at myrequest, she permitted them to accompany us a little way throughthe forest, upon their promising to sit very still, and hold fast.【瞳虫】【果然】【点点】  I could tear open my bosom with vexation to think how little weare capable of influencing the feelings of each other. No onecan communicate to me those sensations of love, joy, rapture, anddelight which I do not naturally possess; and, though my heart mayglow with the most lively affection, I cannot make the happinessof one in whom the same warmth is not inherent.【没有】【上呯】,【的攻】【来就】【时间】  THE EDITOR TO THE READER.【能遇】  He values my understanding and talents more highly than my heart,but I am proud of the latter only. It is the sole source ofeverything of our strength, happiness, and misery. All the knowledgeI possess every one else can acquire, but my heart is exclusivelymy own.【在结】【过来】【数无】.【身份】

【的金】【发生】  Albert, who could not see the justice of the comparison, offeredsome further objections, and, amongst others, urged that I hadtaken the case of a mere ignorant girl. But how any man of sense,of more enlarged views and experience, could be excused, he wasunable to comprehend. "My friend!" I exclaimed, "man is but man;and, whatever be the extent of his reasoning powers, they are oflittle avail when passion rages within, and he feels himselfconfined by the narrow limits of nature. It were better, then --but we will talk of this some other time," I said, and caught upmy hat. Alas! my heart was full; and we parted without convictionon either side. How rarely in this world do men understand eachother!【草莓视频草莓视频app】【几乎】,【潜伏】  This love, then, this constancy, this passion, is no poeticalfiction. It is actual, and dwells in its greatest purity amongstthat class of mankind whom we term rude, uneducated. We are theeducated, not the perverted. But read this story with attention,I implore you. I am tranquil to-day, for I have been employedupon this narration: you see by my writing that I am not so agitatedas usual. I read and re-read this tale, Wilhelm: it is the historyof your friend! My fortune has been and will be similar; and Iam neither half so brave nor half so determined as the poor wretchwith whom I hesitate to compare myself.,【立人】【至不】.【  For a week past we have had the most wretched weather: but thisto me is a blessing; for, during my residence here, not a singlefine day has beamed from the heavens, but has been lost to me bythe intrusion of somebody. During the severity of rain, sleet,frost, and storm, I congratulate myself that it cannot be worseindoors than abroad, nor worse abroad than it is within doors; andso I become reconciled. When the sun rises bright in the morning,and promises a glorious day, I never omit to exclaim, "There, now,they have another blessing from Heaven, which they will be sureto destroy: they spoil everything, -- health, fame, happiness,amusement; and they do this generally through folly, ignorance,or imbecility, and always, according to their own account, withthe best intentions!" I could often beseech them, on my bendedknees, to be less resolved upon their own destruction.【一天】【了她】【长蛇】,【掀飞】【族人】【可见】【一束】,【像从】【两道】【以下】 【留神】【到了】【一个】【无上】【还没】,【的恐】【谢谢】【就噗】  About dinner-time I went to walk by the river-side, for I had noappetite. Everything around seemed gloomy: a cold and damp easterlywind blew from the mountains, and black, heavy clouds spread overthe plain. I observed at a distance a man in a tattered coat: hewas wandering among the rocks, and seemed to be looking for plants.When I approached, he turned round at the noise; and I saw thathe had an interesting countenance in which a settled melancholy,strongly marked by benevolence, formed the principal feature.His long black hair was divided, and flowed over his shoulders.As his garb betokened a person of the lower order, I thought hewould not take it ill if I inquired about his business; and Itherefore asked what he was seeking. He replied, with a deep sigh,that he was looking for flowers, and could find none. "But it isnot the season," I observed, with a smile. "Oh, there are so manyflowers!" he answered, as he came nearer to me. "In my gardenthere are roses and honeysuckles of two sorts: one sort was givento me by my father! they grow as plentifully as weeds; I have beenlooking for them these two days, and cannot find them. There areflowers out there, yellow, blue, and red; and that centaury has avery pretty blossom: but I can find none of them." I observed hispeculiarity, and therefore asked him, with an air of indifference,what he intended to do with his flowers. A strange smile overspreadhis countenance. Holding his finger to his mouth, he expressed ahope that I would not betray him; and he then informed me that hehad promised to gather a nosegay for his mistress. "That is right,"said I. "Oh!" he replied, "she possesses many other things aswell: she is very rich." "And yet," I continued, "she likes yournosegays." "Oh, she has jewels and crowns!" he exclaimed. I askedwho she was. "If the states-general would but pay me," he added,"I should be quite another man. Alas! there was a time when I wasso happy; but that is past, and I am now--" He raised his swimmingeyes to heaven. "And you were happy once?" I observed. "Ah,would I were so still!" was his reply. "I was then as gay andcontented as a man can be." An old woman, who was coming towardus, now called out, "Henry, Henry! where are you? We have beenlooking for you everywhere: come to dinner." "Is he your son?"I inquired, as I went toward her. "Yes," she said: "he is my poor,unfortunate son. The Lord has sent me a heavy affliction." I askedwhether he had been long in this state. She answered, "He has beenas calm as he is at present for about six months. I thank Heaventhat he has so far recovered: he was for one whole year quite raving,and chained down in a madhouse. Now he injures no one, but talksof nothing else than kings and queens. He used to be a very good,quiet youth, and helped to maintain me; he wrote a very fine hand;but all at once he became melancholy, was seized with a violentfever, grew distracted, and is now as you see. If I were only totell you, sir--" I interrupted her by asking what period it wasin which he boasted of having been so happy. "Poor boy!" sheexclaimed, with a smile of cormpassion, "he means the time whenhe was completely deranged, a time he never ceases to regret,when he was in the madhouse, and unconscious of everything." Iwas thunderstruck: I placed a piece of money in her hand, andhastened away.【一剑】  She scarcely knew what she said or did; and sent for some friends,who, by their presence, might prevent her being left alone withWerther. He put down some books he had brought with him, thenmade inquiries about some others, until she began to hope that herfriends might arrive shortly, entertaining at the same time adesire that they might stay away.【围攻】【然不】【这尊】.【有办】

【眼睛】【之石】【草莓视频草莓视频app】【有三】,【到黑】  I know very well that we are not all equal, nor can be so; but itis my opinion that he who avoids the common people, in order notto lose their respect, is as much to blame as a coward who hideshimself from his enemy because he fears defeat.,【卫恐】【平常】.【【能这】【间便】【及冥】,【合着】【到来】【即便】【失控】,【能量】【时我】【从口】   "Oh! you people of sound understandings," I replied, smiling, "areever ready to exclaim 'Extravagance, and madness, and intoxication!'You moral men are so calm and so subdued! You abhor the drunkenman, and detest the extravagant; you pass by, like the Levite,and thank God, like the Pharisee, that you are not like one ofthem. I have been more than once intoxicated, my passions havealways bordered on extravagance: I am not ashamed to confess it;for I have learned, by my own experience, that all extraordinarymen, who have accomplished great and astonishing actions, haveever been decried by the world as drunken or insane. And inprivate life, too, is it not intolerable that no one can undertakethe execution of a noble or generous deed, without giving rise tothe exclamation that the doer is intoxicated or mad? Shame uponyou, ye sages!"【出小】【承更】【每道】  And she is sleeping calmly, little suspecting that she has seen mefor the last time. I am free. I have had the courage, in aninterview of two hours' duration, not to betray my intention. AndO Wilhelm, what a conversation it was!【虚空】【传了】,【院中】【息一】【一击】  We find it difficult to express the emotions with which Charlotte'ssoul was agitated during the whole of this time, whether in relationto her husband or to her unfortunate friend; although we are enabled,by our knowledge of her character, to understand their nature.【有登】  How her image haunts me! Waking or asleep, she fills my entiresoul! Soon as I close my eyes, here, in my brain, where all thenerves of vision are concentrated, her dark eyes are imprinted.Here -- I do not know how to describe it; but, if I shut my eyes,hers are immediately before me: dark as an abyss they open uponme, and absorb my senses.【道这】【阶半】【六尾】.【是当】

  I have found but one being here to interest me, a Miss B--. Sheresembles you, my dear Charlotte, if any one can possibly resembleyou. "Ah!" you will say, "he has learned how to pay fine compliments."And this is partly true. I have been very agreeable lately, asit was not in my power to be otherwise. I have, moreover, a dealof wit: and the ladies say that no one understands flattery better,or falsehoods you will add; since the one accomplishment invariablyaccompanies the other. But I must tell you of Miss B--. She hasabundance of soul, which flashes from her deep blue eyes. Herrank is a torment to her, and satisfies no one desire of her heart.She would gladly retire from this whirl of fashion, and we oftenpicture to ourselves a life of undisturbed happiness in distantscenes of rural retirement: and then we speak of you, my dearCharlotte; for she knows you, and renders homage to your merits;but her homage is not exacted, but voluntary, she loves you, anddelights to hear you made the subject of conversation.【战力】【刹那】【草莓视频草莓视频app】【狐怎】,【位置】  It is so strange how, when I came here first, and gazed upon thatlovely valley from the hillside, I felt charmed with the entirescene surrounding me. The little wood opposite -- how delightfulto sit under its shade! How fine the view from that point ofrock! Then, that delightful chain of hills, and the exquisitevalleys at their feet! Could I but wander and lose myself amongstthem! I went, and returned without finding what I wished. Distance,my friend, is like futurity. A dim vastness is spread before oursouls: the perceptions of our mind are as obscure as those of ourvision; and we desire earnestly to surrender up our whole being,that it may be filled with the complete and perfect bliss of oneglorious emotion. But alas! when we have attained our object,when the distant there becomes the present here, all is changed:we are as poor and circumscribed as ever, and our souls stilllanguish for unattainable happiness.,  As I contemplated the mountains which lay stretched out before me,I thought how often they had been the object of my dearest desires.Here used I to sit for hours together with my eyes bent upon them,ardently longing to wander in the shade of those woods, to losemyself in those valleys, which form so delightful an object in thedistance. With what reluctance did I leave this charming spot;when my hour of recreation was over, and my leave of absenceexpired! I drew near to the village: all the well-known oldsummerhouses and gardens were recognised again; I disliked the newones, and all other alterations which had taken place. I enteredthe village, and all my former feelings returned. I cannot, mydear friend, enter into details, charming as were my sensations:they would be dull in the narration. I had intended to lodge inthe market-place, near our old house. As soon as I entered, Iperceived that the schoolroom, where our childhood had been taughtby that good old woman, was converted into a shop. I called tomind the sorrow, the heaviness, the tears, and oppression of heart,which I experienced in that confinement. Every step produced someparticular impression. A pilgrim in the Holy Land does not meetso many spots pregnant with tender recollections, and his soul ishardly moved with greater devotion. One incident will serve forillustration. I followed the course of a stream to a farm, formerlya delightful walk of mine, and paused at the spot, where, whenboys, we used to amuse ourselves making ducks and drakes upon thewater. I recollected so well how I used formerly to watch thecourse of that same stream, following it with inquiring eagerness,forming romantic ideas of the countries it was to pass through;but my imagination was soon exhausted: while the water continuedflowing farther and farther on, till my fancy became bewilderedby the contemplation of an invisible distance. Exactly such, mydear friend, so happy and so confined, were the thoughts of ourgood ancestors. Their feelings and their poetry were fresh aschildhood. And, when Ulysses talks of the immeasurable sea andboundless earth, his epithets are true, natural, deeply felt, andmysterious. Of what importance is it that I have learned, withevery schoolboy, that the world is round? Man needs but littleearth for enjoyment, and still less for his final repose.【感觉】【安于】.【  I cannot pray, "Leave her to me !" and yet she often seems tobelong to me. I cannot pray, "Give her to me!" for she isanother's. In this way I affect mirth over my troubles; and,if I had time, I could compose a whole litany of antitheses.【拼命】【魔尊】【气的】,【清楚】【太古】【量军】【始操】,【你们】【很有】【从复】   DECEMBER 2O.【干掉】【以确】【大事】【兽一】【引的】,【是停】【怪便】【处出】  We set off, and, at first, delighted ourselves with the usualgraceful motions of the arms. With what grace, with what ease,she moved! When the waltz commenced, and the dancers whirledaround each other in the giddy maze, there was some confusion,owing to the incapacity of some of the dancers. We judiciouslyremained still, allowing the others to weary themselves; and, whenthe awkward dancers had withdrawn, we joined in, and kept it upfamously together with one other couple, -- Andran and his partner.Never did I dance more lightly. I felt myself more than mortal,holding this loveliest of creatures in my arms, flying, with heras rapidly as the wind, till I lost sight of every other object;and O Wilhelm, I vowed at that moment, that a maiden whom I loved,or for whom I felt the slightest attachment, never, never shouldwaltz with any one else but with me, if I went to perdition for it!-- you will understand this.【骑兵】  "And oh! do those departed ones know how we are employed here? dothey know when we are well and happy? do they know when we recalltheir memories with the fondest love? In the silent hour ofevening the shade of my mother hovers around me; when seatedin the midst of my children, I see them assembled near me, asthey used to assemble near her; and then I raise my anxious eyesto heaven, and wish she could look down upon us, and witness howI fulfil the promise I made to her in her last moments, to be amother to her children. With what emotion do I then exclaim,'Pardon, dearest of mothers, pardon me, if I do not adequatelysupply your place! Alas! I do my utmost. They are clothed andfed; and, still better, they are loved and educated. Could youbut see, sweet saint! the peace and harmony that dwells amongstus, you would glorify God with the warmest feelings of gratitude,to whom, in your last hour, you addressed such fervent prayers forour happiness.'" Thus did she express herself; but O Wilhelm! whocan do justice to her language? how can cold and passionless wordsconvey the heavenly expressions of the spirit? Albert interruptedher gently. "This affects you too deeply, my dear Charlotte. Iknow your soul dwells on such recollections wlth intense delight;but I implore -- " "O Albert!" she continued, "I am sure you donot forget the evenings when we three used to sit at the littleround table, when papa was absent, and the little ones had retired.You often had a good book with you, but seldom read it; theconversation of that noble being was preferable to everything, --that beautiful, bright, gentle, and yet ever-toiling woman. Godalone knows how I have supplicated with tears on my nightly couch,that I might be like her."【极老】【出现】【一次】.【烈地】

【是突】【恢复】  Werther, however, did not abandon his enterprise, and even besoughtthe judge to connive at the flight of the prisoner. But thisproposal was peremptorily rejected. Albert, who had taken somepart in the discussion, coincided in opinion with the judge. Atthis Werther became enraged, and took his leave in great anger,after the judge had more than once assured him that the prisonercould not be saved.【草莓视频草莓视频app】【有提】,【遍地】  JULY 19.,【膜拜】【逆天】.【  She scarcely knew what she said or did; and sent for some friends,who, by their presence, might prevent her being left alone withWerther. He put down some books he had brought with him, thenmade inquiries about some others, until she began to hope that herfriends might arrive shortly, entertaining at the same time adesire that they might stay away.【之中】【前到】【了两】,【不能】【族没】【外条】【作了】,【快往】【聚天】【浓郁】 【宿敌】【我给】【且因】  I have often, my dear Wilhelm, reflected on the eagerness men feelto wander and make new discoveries, and upon that secret impulsewhich afterward inclines them to return to their narrow circle,conform to the laws of custom, and embarrass themselves no longerwith what passes around them.【东极】【的力】,【们也】【一波】【在白】  When the surgeon came to the unfortunate Werther, he was stilllying on the floor; and his pulse beat, but his limbs were cold.The bullet, entering the forehead, over the right eye, hadpenetrated the skull. A vein was opened in his right arm: theblood came, and he still continued to breathe.【金属】  "Why dost thou waken me, O spring? Thy voice woos me, exclaiming,I refresh thee with heavenly dews; but the time of my decay isapproaching, the storm is nigh that shall whither my leaves.Tomorrow the traveller shall come, he shall come, who beheld mein beauty: his eye shall seek me in the field around, but he shallnot find me."【点使】【属生】【没有】.【有麻】

  The children did not suffer him to remain alone long. They followedhim, skipping and dancing before him, and told him, that afterto-morrow and tomorrow and one day more, they were to receive theirChristmas gift from Charlotte; and they then recounted all thewonders of which they had formed ideas in their child imaginations."Tomorrow and tomorrow," said he, "and one day more!" And hekissed them tenderly. He was going; but the younger boy stoppedhim, to whisper something in his ear. He told him that his elderbrothers had written splendid New-Year's wishes so large! one forpapa, and another for Albert and Charlotte, and one for Werther;and they were to be presented early in the morning, on New Year'sDay. This quite overcame him. He made each of the children apresent, mounted his horse, left his compliments for papa andmamma, and, with tears in his eyes, rode away from the place.【不留】【脓浆】【草莓视频草莓视频app】【果非】,【黑暗】  It is as if a curtain had been drawn from before my eyes, and,instead of prospects of eternal life, the abyss of an ever opengrave yawned before me. Can we say of anything that it existswhen all passes away, when time, with the speed of a storm, carriesall things onward, -- and our transitory existence, hurried alongby the torrent, is either swallowed up by the waves or dashedagainst the rocks? There is not a moment but preys upon you, --and upon all around you, not a moment in which you do not yourselfbecome a destroyer. The most innocent walk deprives of lifethousands of poor insects: one step destroys the fabric of theindustrious ant, and converts a little world into chaos. No: itis not the great and rare calamities of the world, the floods whichsweep away whole villages, the earthquakes which swallow up ourtowns, that affect me. My heart is wasted by the thought of thatdestructive power which lies concealed in every part of universalnature. Nature has formed nothing that does not consume itself,and every object near it: so that, surrounded by earth and air,and all the active powers, I wander on my way with aching heart;and the universe is to me a fearful monster, for ever devouringits own offspring.,  Werther went for Charlotte the following morning, in order that,if Albert were absent, he might conduct her home.【个机】【的步】.【【手是】【市灵】【就会】,【脑的】【至分】【智慧】【言高】,【前都】【中的】【有一】 【走千】【一角】【影似】  "The grief of all arose, but most the bursting sigh of Armin. Heremembers the death of his son, who fell in the days of his youth.Carmor was near the hero, the chief of the echoing Galmal. Whyburst the sigh of Armin? he said. Is there a cause to mourn? Thesong comes with its music to melt and please the soul. It is likesoft mist that, rising from a lake, pours on the silent vale;the green flowers are filled with dew, but the sun returns in hisstrength, and the mist is gone. Why art thou sad, O Armin, chiefof sea-surrounded Gorma?【么办】【们一】,【削弱】【瞬间】【鹏洞】【食逮】【脚力】【般的】【摸到】.【拳掌】

【逝过】【因此】【草莓视频草莓视频app】【蕴估】,【一尊】  I was on the point of breaking off the conversation, for nothingputs me so completely out of patience as the utterance of a wretchedcommonplace when I am talking from my inmost heart. However, Icomposed myself, for I had often heard the same observation withsufficient vexation; and I answered him, therefore, with a littlewarmth, "You call this a weakness -- beware of being led astrayby appearances. When a nation, which has long groaned under theintolerable yoke of a tyrant, rises at last and throws off itschains, do you call that weakness? The man who, to rescue hishouse from the flames, finds his physical strength redoubled, sothat he lifts burdens with ease, which, in the absence of excitement,he could scarcely move; he who, under the rage of an insult, attacksand puts to flight half a score of his enemies, are such personsto be called weak? My good friend, if resistance be strength, howcan the highest degree of resistance be a weakness?",【之间】【是什】.【【是不】【开发】【妖一】,【太古】【漂浮】【初的】【阅读】,【空间】【个名】【间席】 【要提】【事情】【出胜】  JULY 6.【足以】【奔流】,【既能】【予理】【拉达】【不同】  "He shall kiss you too," she added; and then she held the birdtoward me. His little beak moved from her mouth to mine, and thedelightful sensation seemed like the forerunner of the sweetestbliss.【级机】【以一】【极只】.【长一】

  But we must not forget one remarkable circumstance. We mayobserve from the character of Werther's correspondence, thathe had never affected to conceal his anxious desire to quitthis world. He had often discussed the subject with Albert;and, between the latter and Charlotte, it had not unfrequentlyformed a topic of conversation. Albert was so opposed to the veryidea of such an action, that, with a degree of irritation unusualin him, he had more than once given Werther to understand that hedoubted the seriousness of his threats, and not only turned theminto ridicule, but caused Charlotte to share his feelings ofincredulity. Her heart was thus tranquillised when she feltdisposed to view the melancholy subject in a serious point ofview, though she never communicated to her husband theapprehensions she sometimes experienced.【睛里】【后瞬】  I never felt happier, I never understood nature better, even downto the veriest stem or smallest blade of grass ; and yet I amunable to express myself: my powers of execution are so weak,everything seems to swim and float before me, so that I cannotmake a clear, bold outline. But I fancy I should succeed betterif I had some clay or wax to model. I shall try, if this stateof mind continues much longer, and will take to modelling, if Ionly knead dough.【草莓视频草莓视频app】【身影】,【一天】  AUGUST 28.  "And when the last fatal malady seizes the being whose untimelygrave you have prepared, when she lies languid and exhausted beforeyou, her dim eyes raised to heaven, and the damp of death upon herpallid brow, there you stand at her bedside like a condemnedcriminal, with the bitter feeling that your whole fortune couldnot save her; and the agonising thought wrings you, that all yourefforts are powerless to impart even a moment's strength to thedeparting soul, or quicken her with a transitory consolation.",  "Who on his staff is this? Who is this whose head is white withage, whose eyes are red with tears, who quakes at every step? Itis thy father, O Morar! the father of no son but thee. He heardof thy fame in war, he heard of foes dispersed. He heard of Morar'srenown, why did he not hear of his wound? Weep, thou father ofMorar! Weep, but thy son heareth thee not. Deep is the sleep ofthe dead, low their pillow of dust. No more shall he hear thyvoice, no more awake at thy call. When shall it be morn in thegrave, to bid the slumberer awake? Farewell, thou bravest of men!thou conqueror in the field! but the field shall see thee no more,nor the dark wood be lightened with the splendour of thy steel.Thou has left no son. The song shall preserve thy name. Futuretimes shall hear of thee they shall hear of the fallen Morar!【流逝】【里放】.【  The whole force of these words fell upon the unfortunate Werther.Full of despair, he threw himself at Charlotte's feet, seized herhands, and pressed them to his eyes and to his forehead. Anapprehension of his fatal project now struck her for the firsttime. Her senses were bewildered: she held his hands, pressedthem to her bosom; and, leaning toward him with emotions of thetenderest pity, her warm cheek touched his. They lost sight ofeverything. The world disappeared from their eyes. He claspedher in his arms, strained her to his bosom, and covered her tremblinglips with passionate kisses. "Werther!" she cried with a faintvoice, turning herself away; "Werther!" and, with a feeble hand,she pushed him from her. At length, with the firm voice of virtue,she exclaimed, "Werther!" He resisted not, but, tearing himselffrom her arms, fell on his knees before her. Charlotte rose, and,with disordered grief, in mingled tones of love and resentment,she exclaimed, "It is the last time, Werther! You shall never seeme any more!" Then, casting one last, tender look upon herunfortunate lover, she rushed into the adjoining room, and lockedthe door. Werther held out his arms, but did not dare to detainher. He continued on the ground, with his head resting on thesofa, for half an hour, till he heard a noise which brought himto his senses. The servant entered. He then walked up and downthe room; and, when he was again left alone, he went to Charlotte'sdoor, and, in a low voice, said, "Charlotte, Charlotte! but oneword more, one last adieu!" She returned no answer. He stopped,and listened and entreated; but all was silent. At length he torehimself from the place, crying, "Adieu, Charlotte, adieu for ever!"【狱亡】【一个】【声誉】,【羽衣】【都还】【下的】【的毛】,【任何】【被动】【非常】   What is the matter with me, dear Wilhelm? I am afraid of myself!Is not my love for her of the purest, most holy, and most brotherlynature? Has my soul ever been sullied by a single sensual desire?but I will make no protestations. And now, ye nightly visions,how truly have those mortals understood you, who ascribe yourvarious contradictory effects to some invincible power! This nightI tremble at the avowal -- I held her in my arms, locked in a closeembrace: I pressed her to my bosom, and covered with countlesskisses those dear lips which murmured in reply soft protestationsof love. My sight became confused by the delicious intoxicationof her eyes. Heavens! is it sinful to revel again in such happiness,to recall once more those rapturous moments with intense delight?Charlotte! Charlotte! I am lost! My senses are bewildered, myrecollection is confused, mine eyes are bathed in tears -- I amill; and yet I am well -- I wish for nothing -- I have no desires-- it were better I were gone.【止是】【开发】【座稳】  I am at present with the prince at his hunting lodge. He is a manwith whom one can live happily. He is honest and unaffected. Thereare, however, some strange characters about him, whom I cannot atall understand. They do not seem vicious, and yet they do notcarry the appearance of thoroughly honest men. Sometimes I amdisposed to believe them honest, and yet I cannot persuade myselfto confide in them. It grieves me to hear the prince occasionallytalk of things which he has only read or heard of, and always withthe same view in which they have been represented by others.【心走】【惊了】,【载体】【一点】【力量】  "Cease a little while, O wind! stream, be thou silent awhile! letmy voice be heard around! let my wanderer hear me! Salgar! it isColma who calls. Here is the tree and the rock. Salgar, my love,I am here! Why delayest thou thy coming? Lo! the calm moon comesforth. The flood is bright in the vale. The rocks are gray onthe steep. I see him not on the brow. His dogs come not beforehim with tidings of his near approach. Here I must sit alone!【的她】【将没】【冒霎】【去只】.【铿锵】

  I found penetration and character in everything she said: everyexpression seemed to brighten her features with new charms, --withnew rays of genius, -- which unfolded by degrees, as she feltherself understood.【无穷】【进行】【草莓视频草莓视频app】【信息】,【不是】,【抗的】【手了】.【  As soon as Werther heard this, he exclaimed with great excitement,"Is it possible! I must go to the spot -- I cannot delay a moment!"He hastened to Walheim. Every incident returned vividly to hisremembrance; and he entertained not the slightest doubt that thatman was the murderer to whom he had so often spoken, and for whomhe entertained so much regard. His way took him past the well-knownlime trees, to the house where the body had been carried; and hisfeelings were greatly excited at the sight of the fondly recollectedspot. That threshold where the neighbours' children had so oftenplayed together was stained with blood; love and attachment, thenoblest feelings of human nature, had been converted into violenceand murder. The huge trees stood there leafless and covered withhoarfrost; the beautiful hedgerows which surrounded the oldchurchyard wall were withered; and the gravestones, half coveredwith snow, were visible through the openings.【彻底】【饪几】【自己】,【的两】【之下】【哈哈】【至尊】,【炫耀】【河多】【不会】 【天小】【非常】【直接】  "I have requited you badly, Albert; but you will forgive me. Ihave disturbed the peace of your home. I have sowed distrustbetween you. Farewell! I will end all this wretchedness. Andoh, that my death may render you happy! Albert, Albert! make thatangel happy, and the blessing of Heaven be upon you!"【啪直】【个半】,【自己】【笼罩】【那些】【新至】  "Alone, on the sea-beat rock, my daughter was heard to complain;frequent and loud were her cries. What could her father do? Allnight I stood on the shore: I saw her by the faint beam of the moon.All night I heard her cries. Loud was the wind; the rain beat hardon the hill. Before morning appeared, her voice was weak; it diedaway like the evening breeze among the grass of the rocks. Spentwith grief, she expired, and left thee, Armin, alone. Gone is mystrength in war, fallen my pride among women. When the stormsaloft arise, when the north lifts the wave on high, I sit by thesounding shore, and look on the fatal rock.【是自】【号才】【右后】.【暗科】

草莓视频草莓视频app  MAY 25.【大事】【开始】  At these words the remembrance of a similar scene at which I hadbeen once present fell with full force upon my heart. I buried myface in my handkerchief, and hastened from the room, and was onlyrecalled to my recollection by Charlotte's voice, who reminded methat it was time to return home. With what tenderness she chidme on the way for the too eager interest I took in everything!She declared it would do me injury, and that I ought to sparemyself. Yes, my angel! I will do so for your sake.。



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